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Lucia helps spread anti-bullying message to primary school pupils

Lucia is out and about again. Spreading the word across Broad Oak Primary School. Click on the image above to see the Newspaper Coverage.

During the week 16th - 20th March, we were very lucky to have an author called Lucia Davies come and visit us at Broad Oak. Lucia has written a book called Pod about a small, green lizard. We were lucky to have Lucia read her story to us. In 2H we spoke about the important themes that the book promotes such as anti-bullying and forgiveness. We then wrote our own rap which re-told the story of Pod and how he helped everyone. We used rhyming words and rhythm in our voices.

We also created mosaic art work to show some of the characters from the story using the main colours of the book: red and green. We had a fantastic week!

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