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Watch Pod
Come to Life
  • We Read it, sing it, draw it, animate it, paint it, build it, acted it out, perform it with instruments and sign with Makaton.

  • It is uniquely aimed at all 2-11 yrs Children. No other book in the market place currently achieves this.

  • The underlying message will change how children currently socially interact in modern Britain.

 'A moral journey of social self discovery for primary school children'

Lucia Davies 2014

What is the Pod Trail?

What makes Pod different?

Pod and Education

Inspires Creativity.

Ticks every subject box in the National Curriculum.

Encourages young children to learn to read and write.

Increases memory and language skills! 

Feature in the Book

We need your help! No one has a better imagination than a child.  Please upload your ideas and drawings to be in with a chance of starring in our Hard Back Book. We are giving you the unique opportunity to influence our Professional Illustrator 'Justin Eagleton' with your interpretations of all the Characters in Tanglewood. Pod is in the shape of a Question Mark. What do you think he looks like in your imagination?

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